3abn.org Website Redesign (2014)

Project was to create a new theme to replace an old third-party theme for the website, and overhaul the look of all the pages. We wanted a brighter, friendlier, more vibrant website. Many improvements were made to the back end, using a combination of PHP, CSS, jQuery, etc.

In 2014, Michael Prewitt, then the Web Manager for 3ABN, converted the website from a third-party template to a custom template co-designed by Ariel Warren. Michael did all the CSS implementation and back-end coding, with the exception of a couple modules that had been previously outsourced, which were updated with help from the original developers.
The new website is brighter and more visually dynamic than the previous website. Most of the UI animation was done with CSS, with some additional jQuery effects.
The new website was designed with many dynamically updated regions, an improvement from the old website that required many manual updates.
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