Hoy Magazine Concept (2013)

Conceptual mockup of the "Hoy" magazine for 3ABN Latino. Much of the art shown was simply for mockup purposes, and not used in the production of the magazine.

"Hoy" is a magazine of the 3ABN Latino division of Three Angels Broadcasting Network (3ABN), reaching a Spanish audience. Prior to the magazine, there was a monthly newsletter (in a folded tabloid format). Michael Prewitt, Creative Director of the Publishing Department, initiated the idea of moving to a magazine format, and along with designer Ariel Warren, created the concepts for the design of the new magazine.
This was a conceptual mockup for the proposed January 2014 issue, created in November 2013. The woman on the cover is just a conceptual placeholder from a random source, which is why she is not cut out very well.
Two-page spread concept.
Editorial page concept.
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