Line Upon Line logo

Logo for a new television Q&A program called "Line Upon Line".

The in-house Creative Services department was asked to create, in a span of about 3 working days, a logo for a new Q&A television series entitled Line Upon Line. Michael Prewitt created all of the following logos during that time, except where noted, while also working on 10 or so other unrelated design projects. Which is all to say, it was a bit of a rush job.
This design is a direct attempt to reproduce the logo concept that the office manager, Jesse Johnson, had sketched out on a sheet of paper.
The first of several alternate ideas.
This is a very rough and dirty attempt to show how the design might look as a neon sign.
In the end, management decided they liked the original concept the most, with the simplified lines. I worked up a more contemporary color palette.
The speaker/director (head of the company) John Bradshaw came up with a clever idea to use the word "LINE" above a line, as a visual pun to mean "Line Upon Line". In the end, he decied to use this as the official logo, and the word block style above as the title for the show.
3D rendereing of the show title.
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